Oliver North Named New President of the NRA

Criminal Imperialist New Top Brass

Faye Ecklar
May 7 2018, 4:10pm

The Socialist Rifle Association strongly condemns the appointment of criminal arms dealer Oliver North as president of the National Rifle Association.

Oliver North was convicted in 1989 of crimes related to the Iran-Contra Affair, in which advanced missiles were secretly sold to Iran in a money laundering scheme to allow the CIA to fund the Fascist Contra organization in Nicaragua, despite a Congressional resolution forbidding such support. North's actions during his time on the National Security Council led directly to tens of thousands of deaths in the Nicaraguan civil war, in a display of American imperial aggression that is all too familiar to the people of Central and South America.

In return for his crimes Oliver North received a suspended sentence. He was rewarded with a semi-permanent spot on Fox News — proof evident of the American right's deep hypocrisy and devotion to perpetuating imperial violence — to say nothing of their complete disdain for human rights or international law. North's appointment as president of the NRA is just another indication of that sick organization's incestuous relationship with the Republican establishment.

The Socialist Rifle Association calls on all principled gun owners to abandon the NRA! Put your effort and support into alternative organizations that fight for 2nd Amendment Rights without supporting imperialism and fascism.