USCCA Disaffiliates from SRA

A Response from the Central Committee

by Central Committee | August 30, 2019 1:36 PM

Monday, August 26th, 2019:

The Socialist Rifle Association (SRA) entered into an affiliate agreement with the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) to provide discounted insurance memberships to SRA members and allow the SRA to collect commission through affiliate links.

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019:

The USCCA emailed the SRA to announce an end to this affiliation. This was unanticipated by the leadership of the SRA, but unfortunately is not the first time this has happened to the organization. However, the conditions causing separation show a worrying sequence of events on the part of the USCCA and how they handled our new, mutually-agreed affiliation.

Interactions with the USCCA extend back to the SRA’s inception. Our Director of Instruction, Jordan, has long interacted with the USCCA in varying capacities as a firearms instructor and brought the potential of USCCA instructor training to the organization’s attention early on. The SRA leadership prepared to implement the USCCA’s firearm instructor programs to support our own in-house programs. Relying on their established and well-regarded training regime, we planned to equip our instructors with the knowledge and experience necessary to teach our members and the general public.

While the SRA’s leadership never formally interacted with any counterparts at the USCCA, simple communication was established. For example, when the SRA President Alex reached out to the Training Development Manager in December 2018 inquiring about the USCCA expanding into other states. No bitterness was expressed about the very clear stance on socialism the Socialist Rifle Association takes. Until now, the staff of the USCCA were unquestionably cordial to us.

Email correspondence between SRA President Alex and USCCA Training Development Manager Mike

Firearm Legislation Email

Jordan continued to reach out for various minor questions, so the USCCA was certainly acquainted with us at least at the staffing level.

August 6th, 2019:

There was limited “official” communication with the USCCA for some time until a Group Sales Manager named Marisa initially contacted us in an email where she praised our “desire to be responsibly armed Americans” and stated that “I look forward to welcoming you and your members into the USCCA family.” This email was sent to the [email protected] address. It stated the Manager in question was aware of the topic of the USCCA coming up within “different chapters of the SRA.” By acknowledging our chapter-based organization structure and that the “S” stands for “socialist,” this proves the USCCA undeniably had basic understanding of who we are.

First email contact between the Group Sales Manager Marisa and the SRA

August Contact

Alex contacted Marisa the morning of August 26th and discuss the offer with her over the phone. After obtaining the consensus of the Central Committee, they called back and informed her of the Committee’s decision, further inquiring about an affiliation and partnership with the USCCA. Marisa said it was out of her department and would need to consult with the appropriate department. She left us this voicemail:

“Hey Alex, it’s Marisa with the USCCA, I guess we’re one for one on fast responses here. Uhm I did get a, an answer for the group and affiliate side of things. If you could give me a call we can discuss what that looks like. My number is [redacted]. Thank you.”

Another phone call explained the affiliation process, followed by another email from Marisa informed us about setting up the affiliation. In the original offer, Marisa had knowledge of our organization and contacted us about providing discounts for our members. After deliberating phone calls, she agreed that affiliation would be a good option and discussed it with another department. This shows that at least one more USCCA staff member was aware of our organization and no “red flags” were raised yet. Additionally, affiliation required an application be the first step, which guarantees complete knowledge of the SRA for both parties.

Partnership Contact

An automatic email was received from "affiliatesupport", stating that our application was being reviewed and that this may take up to three business days to approve.

Automatic email from USCCA support

Automatic Email

Alex emailed Marisa back to let her know the application was submitted. Notice Alex’s email contains a signature block with organization information and contact information, as with all emails from SRA officers.

Email from the SRA President informing the Manager that the application was turned in

Reponse After Applying

Approximately four minutes after submission, a response email was received and stated that the affiliation was approved and could begin posting USCCA material to our pages. While this email reads as pre-written, we firmly believe it was not due to any sort of automation. Alex was in close contact with the Group Sales Manager, and so the application became a formality. As is shown, the USCCA initiated this discussion with the SRA. It’s likely the staff involved saw little reason to sit on the approval.

Welcome email from the USCCA affiliate support

Welcome Email

Alex promptly submitted the requested W-9 form, a tax form that contains an organization’s name and tax ID number, so that any income can be properly reported to the federal authorities. As a duly registered 501(c)(4) the SRA makes various filings and disclosures with federal and state governments as any other non-profit would.

Alex turning in the W-9 over email

W9 Email Part 1

An email confirming receipt of the W-9 by the USCCA affiliate support

W9 Confirmation Email

Shortly following, the SRA announced its partnership with the USCCA to its membership and the general public. The negative response by the right-wing blogosphere was not nearly as overwhelming as when the SRA announced its membership in the NSSF, but nonetheless certain actors immediately retaliated. A known white supremacist Twitter account, Unicorn Watch, informed the USCCA social media account of a tweet by our Director of Instruction, a tweet advising how one might defend oneself against a vehicular attack. This information was provided from the Vehicle Firearm Tactics Course provided by, a course available to anyone who spends $37.

####### Screenshot of’s vehicle training course screenshot

Unicorn Watch’s tweet to the USCCA

Unicorn Watch Tweet

The SRA was informed via its membership that in a Facebook group called “SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD/XDm/XDs/XDe UNIVERSE”, a post was made mocking the SRA’s announcement of our partnership with the USCCA. An individual by the name of Jess commented on the post claiming to work for the USCCA and promised to get to the bottom of it.

A series of four images depicting the Facebook post in question and Jess’ responses

fb-group-1 fb-group-2 fb-group-3 fb-group-4

Clearly the USCCA social media team was receiving comments and questions about our announcement via their various pages. Then, the official USCCA stance, at least from the staff, was that the SRA was their newest affiliate. They stress that the USCCA is not a political organization and welcomes the SRA as a part of their affiliate program:

Social Care Advisor Brock stating that the SRA is an affiliate


Beside these examples, SRA leadership is unaware of any coordinated campaign to the USCCA against the SRA. A Google search shows nothing about the SRA and USCCA beyond the associated Twitter and Reddit threads. Unlike with the NSSF, this happened so quickly the usual suspects hardly had a chance to even hear about this development prior to the USCCA’s later revocation announcement.

Tuesday August 27th, 2019, ~12:30pm CT:

The USCCA Business Development & Affiliate Manager, Kris, sent Alex an email. It stated:

“After further review of The Socialist Rifle Association's positions we have determined that the USCCA will immediately sever our relationship with your organization. We ask that you immediately remove all references to the USCCA from all your social media outlets.”

USCCA Business Development & Affiliate Manager Kris’ message revoking the SRA’s affiliation

Revocation Email

The USCCA Twitter account immediately responded to various accounts. To summarize, the USCCA made wavering claims on the SRA affiliation. First the USCCA stated it was not a political organization, justified the decision citing political reasons, and thanked a known white supremacist account for the “most accurate information.”

Various Twitter threads from the USCCA responding to public comment

Unicorn One Unicorn Two USCCA affiliate tweet USCCA free market tweet USCCA tweet chain USCCA tweet one

During these events, the USCCA was not responding to our emails in an official capacity. Our Director of Instruction reached out to the USCCA over direct message on Twitter. There, the USCCA explained their decision to disaffiliate with the SRA:

“Our response was to the Twitter user who shared the picture and asked about our stance on the SRA. Our reply was not directed at your original tweet. The USCCA is not a political organization and has offered group discounts to many different groups around the country, the SRA is not an affiliate or official partner, nor is the group working in any official or unofficial capacity with the USCCA. Any affiliate agreement they may have had with the USCCA is revoked. To be clear, the USCCA condemns in the strongest possible terms many of the positions held and advocated by the SRA, especially the group’s support for the political ideology of Socialism. At its core, the SRA is an organization founded on an ideology opposed to free-market capitalism, which is a foundational pillar and inherent core value of the USCCA. This opposition to the economic freedoms of Americans is uncompromisingly at odds with what the USCCA stands for as an organization that staunchly supports the principle of freedom. SRA also adheres to discriminatory beliefs. The group is prejudicial toward individual Americans based on a number of factors and has shown disdain for our nation's law enforcement professionals. The USCCA stands opposed to Socialism because:

  • Socialism forbids the right of private property. All property is thus subject to the tragedy of the commons.
  • Socialism insists that human nature is malleable, not constant.
  • Socialism depends upon dictatorship to attain and remain in power.
  • Socialism removes incentive and leads people and economies to the lowest common denominator.
  • Socialism embraces oppression and government control of commerce and expression.
  • Socialism is responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million victims worldwide.

The USCCA will always stand for and defend freedom, and this group is free to speak, peacefully assemble, and bear arms. But we at the USCCA, operating in a free-market economy, choose not to support or do business with those who declare themselves opposed to that free-market economy.

Our goal at the USCCA is to provide the best possible education and training to anyone who chooses to defend themselves and we believe the rights, granted by God and protected by our Constitution, apply to all. But we are absolutely opposed to many of the positions presented by the SRA and do not support them.

I hope this clears anything up for you! Please let us know if you have additional questions.


USCCA Social Care Supervisor”


This is the most comprehensive response we have received from a representative of the USCCA, and so we feel it is necessary to dissect this response:

First, there is an admission of alleged ignorance as to who is a USCCA affiliate: the SRA has never been affiliated with the USCCA, but simultaneously if it was affiliated, that affiliation has been revoked.

We know that the USCCA staff was aware of our affiliation: Katie indicates in her signature she is a USCCA Social Care Supervisor. In a private message on Facebook, USCCA Social Care Advisor Brock informs the inquirer that the SRA is affiliated and that the USCCA accepts folks of all stripes. Unless the USCCA has extremely poor internal communication, we can assume the Social Care Supervisor was conscious of our affiliation and provided conflicting information in the same paragraph to cover both bases.

Next, if socialism was so unconscionable to the USCCA, why did at least three USCCA employees never say anything about it? Why would their Group Sales Manager be the one to initiate contact with an explicitly socialist organization?

The title of “manager” implies authority and responsibility and requires a level of trust. The Manager in question was listed as a visitor on our President’s LinkedIn. A review of her LinkedIn profile shows she has been in this position for almost three years with a job description that includes “cultivating leads.” It is her job to seek out worthwhile clients for the USCCA. The SRA does not believe nor will accept any proposition that a long-time employee holding this sort of responsibility would be unaware of a corporate zeitgeist this significant. We know she discussed this with other employees in some capacity, and they would have surely informed her of it if the USCCA had such a corporate ethos. If this was an issue, the Training Development Manager all the way back in December would have surely mentioned something at the time.

The SRA opposes the system of capitalism and favors a system of socialism. However, the SRA is not against a free-market economy, and this claim is too broad of a generalization for the SRA respects a wide array of socialist ideals. As an all-encompassing leftist organization, we have: social democrats, democratic socialists, syndicalists, Marxist Leninists, libertarian socialists, anarchists, and many more tendencies. Some folks believe in “market socialism,” others believe in planned economies, while even more believe in various “blended” models. The Central Committee of the SRA, like the membership at large, is filled with individuals of varying beliefs as to this exact question. The left is an amazingly diverse field of thought—something the mainstream media consistently fails to present.

To further their attack in the same paragraph, they state “SRA also adheres to discriminatory beliefs. The group is prejudicial toward individual Americans based on a number of factors and has shown disdain for our nation's law enforcement professionals.”

As stated in the Bylaws, the SRA abhors discrimination and explicitly bans individuals who engage in such activity in Article Three, Section Two, Bulletin Two. Our mission statement includes this sentiment: “Our goal is to provide an alternate to the main-stream, toxic, right-wing, and non-inclusive gun culture that has dominated the firearms community for decades. We seek to provide a safe, inclusive, and left-leaning platform for talking about gun rights and self defense, free from racist and reactionary prejudices, while providing a platform for the working class to obtain the skills necessary for all aspects of community defense.”

We do prohibit active law enforcement officers (LEO) from joining the SRA in Article Three, Section Two, Bulletin Three of the Bylaws. The rationale for this clause is less based on any particular “discrimination” against EOs and moreso on various logistical and philosophical reasons. The purpose and place of the police within a capitalist vs. socialist structure is one that has filled many books and essays on the subject, and not a discussion we will engage in here. Considering the reactionary nature of the current American LEO structure, the nearly century-long attacks against the American left by all levels of law enforcement, and the SRA’s mission to train and empower marginalized communities that are so often disparately affected by the activities of LEO, the Central Committee saw fit to explicitly apply this prohibition. Law enforcement is a profession, not a protected or otherwise immutable class or characteristic. The Fraternal Order of Police does not accept members into its union that do not fall under its jurisdiction: to suggest they do would likely be met with disdain and/or disbelief by its leadership at the very notion. Any attempts and gestures to make law enforcement into a protected class under federal law have been largely unsuccessful.

Now let’s quickly address their reasons why “The USCCA stands opposed to Socialism:”

Furthermore on their hypocrisy, the Supervisor reiterates our right under the law to partake in our constitutional freedoms, but cites that the USCCA is free to associate or not associate with whomever they wish. Though true, the right to do something does not spare one from criticism and making their dishonesty clear to the public. She also describes the nature of these rights were “granted by God.” Which God is not certain, but by the use of capitalization and America’s predominant Christian demographic, we will assume that she is referring to the Christian God. Why would the USCCA, whose FAQ explicitly states they’re open to all individuals seeking the right and means to defend themselves, assign the source of inalienable rights to one particular deity? The SRA has members of many faiths and denominations within its membership and leadership: it would never seek to advance one religion over another in the interests of making a point to another organization or individual.

We can continue rebutting the USCCA’s points one by one, responding to every allegation, misrepresentation, or outright falsehood—but ultimately the facts are clear. The USCCA had always been amicable with us in our interactions with them up to this point; always courteous and pleasant with us in our interactions. Our Director of Instruction was assured the executive staff of the USCCA was consulted in this decision. Perhaps the staff saw things as the USCCA ought to: that we are an organization dedicated to the effective education of and advocacy for an armed working class for the purposes of self defense. This falls squarely within the USCCA’s mission statement, regardless of our political and economic disagreements.

Unfortunately, it appears that the USCCA’s leadership would rather act on personal feelings instead of doing what was best for their business, their organization, and their desire to uphold the American right to bear arms. The SRA’s membership voiced overwhelming support for pursuing a partnership with the USCCA, with 84% expressing approval for a potential group affiliation. The SRA membership and USCCA staff were prepared to enter into a new, productive, and mutually beneficial relationship. Why the sudden change of heart? We can only speculate, based upon what was provided. To some extent, that is an exercise for the reader as well.

In the time it has taken to prepare and write this article, further developments have occured: it appears that the USCCA, after explaining to Jordan in depth the supposed horrors of socialism, is still perfectly willing to take money from members of the SRA and leftists at large. Perhaps, in the intervening time, the USCCA’s leadership realized that they had potentially alienated an entire subsection of working class and marginalized Americans who are in need of the protection the USCCA’s programs can provide, and thus had lost their business. One would think this is a logical extent of the free market: that if you make a bad decision, you face negative consequences to your business. We are aware that some of our members who already had USCCA memberships have canceled their memberships and voiced this incident as the cause. The hypocrisy of the USCCA, publicly decrying socialism and our organization’s supposed wrong doings, while desperately trying to cling to the business of individual members who share the same beliefs, is not lost on us or our members.

The Central Committee and broader leadership of the SRA is largely volunteer based, and situations like these draw valuable time and resources away from advancing the mission of the SRA and caring for the issues our members face.

We encourage the USCCA to reconsider their public position and their active doubling down on social media. The USCCA must beholden to its mission and advocate for the right to self-defense. The USCCA must consider the hypocrisy of refusing to work with a law-abiding, duly registered, and upfront organization looking to do the same.

The Central Committee and the SRA membership is curious to what other organizations the USCCA works and affiliates with. It is no secret that American gun culture is riddled with white supremacists, fascists, and neo-Nazis. Does the USCCA take similar vetting measures against these blatantly discriminatory groups as it did in its misrepresentation of the SRA’s stances? We can only hope so, though given that their social media publicly thanked a known and easily verified white supremacist account, maybe not.

The Central Committee encourages any members of the press or broader public who are curious about the SRA’s policies and stances to reach out to our President at [email protected] The SRA will continue pursuing its mission statement, with or without partners in the broader firearms space.

The Central Committee formally endorses a contact campaign to the USCCA by its members and sympathetic members of the public. We encourage members to respectfully, professionally, and politely reach out to the USCCA by phone, email, letter, and social media regarding this incident. Feel free to ask why they responded in the manner that they did and, if they intend to reconsider their decision regarding the SRA. Some scripts are provided below to start a conversation with:

Phone Script:

Hello, my name is [name], I was calling about the USCCA’s recent decision to disaffiliate with the Socialist Rifle Association. I support the SRA’s mission to educate and advocate for the right of the working class and marginalized communities to be effectively armed and trained for the purposes of self defense.

I strongly disagree with the USCCA’s decision to disaffiliate, and feel that the USCCA is not upholding its similar mission to advocate for and advance the right to defend oneself. The USCCA cannot claim not to discriminate against political ideologies while simultaneously disaffiliating with a big tent, multi tendency leftist organization that shares this common ground.

I encourage the USCCA’s leadership to reconsider their decision to alienate the largest and fastest growing leftist firearms organization in America, and by extension, all responsibly armed and trained leftists.

Email Script:

Hello, my name is [name], I’m emailing this in response to the USCCA’s recent decision to disaffiliate with the Socialist Rifle Association. I support the SRA’s mission to educate and advocate for the right of the working class and marginalized communities to be effectively armed and trained for the purposes of self defense.

I strongly disagree with the USCCA’s decision to disaffiliate, and feel that the USCCA is not upholding its similar mission to advocate for and advance the right to defend oneself. The USCCA cannot claim not to discriminate against political ideologies while simultaneously disaffiliating with a big tent, multi tendency leftist organization that shares this common ground.

I encourage the USCCA’s leadership to reconsider their decision to alienate the largest and fastest growing leftist firearms organization in America, and by extension, all responsibly armed and trained leftists.

Twitter Script:

@USCCA I strongly disagree with your recent decision to disaffiliate with the @socialistra. I support the SRA's mission to educate and advocate for working class and marginalized communities. The USCCA should as well per your mission statement.

In every interaction with the USCCA, the Central Committee implores our members and sympathetic members of the public to be respectful and professional in their communication. The staff of the USCCA have always shown us nothing but politeness and respect up until whatever decision was made above them: they are almost certainly not the ones responsible for our disaffiliation. Speaking out of hand to them accomplishes nothing besides casting fellow members and our mission in a negative light. This does not mean we cannot be firm and direct in our stance, but simply that we ought to work productivity and in line with our core beliefs and values.

As a final note, while this has all been going on, the SRA has continued its mission of providing community defense beyond its educational role: we are preparing to deliver aid and relief to the affected communities in Florida after Hurricane Dorian arrives early next week. A fundraiser at Mightycause is currently ongoing for us to purchase supplies and equipment for the relief fund. If you or someone you know would like to donate to the efforts, we encourage the sharing of this fund alongside any inquiries against the USCCA on social media. It’s vital that we show the world that the Left, while so often vilified in our popular media and even by our own representatives in government, is here to help and assist in any way we can.