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We Stand With the Oppressed

We stand with the colonized and oppressed people of Palestine. This does not necessitate that we condone the actions of Hamas, much less does it require that we condemn them. We are also not precluded from standing with the civilians in Israel who are suffering, not only from Hamas’

InrangeTV's Woodland Brutality

It’s one of the only competitive events that we know of that are incredibly welcoming of all types of folks. This means lots of leftists of all stripes, as well as a wide range of other folks. No bigotry is the name of the game and strictly adhered to, at least while we were there.

Staying on Task

What the SRA is is a safe space for vulnerable individuals and communities to gain the tools necessary to defend themselves and their communities, we fight for and advocate for the tangible right to do this, and our mission statement keeps us razor-focused on those two things.

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