Who We Are

The Socialist Rifle Association's mission is to arm and train the working class for self-defense. If you are any of the following: Working class, anarchists, eco-warriors, class warriors, animal liberators, anti-fascists, anti-racists, anti-capitalists, ultra left-wing Radicals, LGBTQ+, YOU are all welcome to join!

Towards our mission of education, we will provide low cost or free training in the areas of communications, medical aid, disaster relief effort, personal security, bushcraft, unarmed combat, and firearms – including safety, construction, and marksmanship. By doing so, we will tangentially bolster resiliency of the working class as well as provide a collective working relationship among our membership in the interest of comradery, fellowship, and solidarity with the socialist community at large.

Points of Unity

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you own the Socialist Rifle Association?

A: The Socialist Rifle Association is owned by every worker! We have and will continue to use every means available to protect the notion of organizing on behalf of the working class' right to bear arms, but as long as you or your group aren't working against our stated goals or making efforts to undermine ours, welcome to the Socialist Rifle Association!

Q: How do I join?

A: We’re glad you asked. We have a membership application on our website. Or you can join through non-membership by contacting your local chapter. https://www.socialistra.org/membership/

Q: Where do my $25 dues go?

A: Currently, mostly overhead administrative costs such as payment for the web hosting server. Supplies for printing cards, patches, buttons, and other such merchandising for membership starter packs and the like have also been factored into the cost. We operate as a not-for-profit organization. Any monies collected from membership dues or merchandise sales will be reinvested into the organization.

Q: You charge money for membership? Doesn’t that mean you are some kind of business?

A: Any individual or organization that takes in money is required to abide by certain legal standards, paying taxes for instance. In order to even get a bank account, you have to provide a social security number or tax ID number of some kind. Because of these legal considerations, the Socialist Rifle Association has organized as a limited liability company. The LLC was established to facilitate legal and financial matters that are not well serviced on an individual sole proprietor basis. It is a legal entity that provides the framework to be able to collect dues, distribute merchandise, and pay taxes on monies collected, as well as conduct other matters of the legal and banking nature within the state capitalist paradigm we exist under.

Q: But wait, you should only need ten or twenty membership pledges to fund a website. Where is the rest of that money going?

A: We have a few stretch goals in mind. Getting a couple hundred dollars on hand will let us order items like patches in advance so we don't have to crowdsource them. We'd also like to put $500 toward a large format printer for producing high quality posters and targets. Posters, targets, and patches will all be sold on socialistra.org for a dollar or two over cost.

Q: What about my credit card information? What if you get hacked and my info gets stolen?

A: The SRA does not see your financial information at any point in the membership process. All financial transactions are handled by Stripe, a commercial online payment processor. Your credit card information is sent to Stripe using an encrypted tokenized system. If you're still concerned, you can pay using a one-time-use prepaid debit card.

Q: What about my personal information like name and location? How will you stop it from getting into the hands of fash?

A: We are handling membership on a secure computer system then storing it offline in a secure place after destroying the online data.

Q: What about the feds? I don't want the ATF or FBI to have my name on file.

A: As a US-based organization we are subject to federal law, and if served with a valid court order or national security letter we will have to turn over whatever info they ask for. That being said, no one said you have to enter your real name. As long as you list a valid mailing address for your membership card and let us know what city you're in so we can hook you up with your local chapter, we don't care what alias you go by.

Q: I want to join but I noticed there are no chapters near me. What can I do?

A: You will be assigned to a regional chapter upon joining. If there is no existing chapter in your area, you will be assigned to a new chapter. If other people from your area also join, they will be assigned to your chapter. Then you guys can find each other using the map on the website, meet up, and go shooting.