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InrangeTV's Woodland Brutality

It’s one of the only competitive events that we know of that are incredibly welcoming of all types of folks. This means lots of leftists of all stripes, as well as a wide range of other folks. No bigotry is the name of the game and strictly adhered to, at least while we were there.

Staying on Task

What the SRA is is a safe space for vulnerable individuals and communities to gain the tools necessary to defend themselves and their communities, we fight for and advocate for the tangible right to do this, and our mission statement keeps us razor-focused on those two things.

Statement by the Socialist Rifle Association Regarding Twitter Posts by The Minnesota SRA on February 23rd

We are a big tent organization. There will be differing viewpoints on many positions among our members and chapters. However the recent positions taken by the Minnesota Chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association on Twitter and elsewhere are NOT representative of our positions as an organization, and we condemn in

More information About the ATF’s Final Rule on Stabilizing Braces

On January 13, 2023, the Attorney General signed ATF final rule 2021R-08F, “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached ‘Stabilizing Braces,’” amending ATF’s regulations to clarify when a rifle is designed, made, and intended to be fired from the shoulder.

A Public Statement on the Club Q Massacre

Threats to vulnerable communities like the Club Q Gunman poses are nothing new, nor have they been taken seriously by law enforcement. This has led many within these communities to arm themselves.

Mutual Aid: Hurricane Ian Relief

Providing for our neighbors in times of need is a core pillar of community defense.

American Shooter: The Intersection of Alienation and Desperation Under Capitalism Part 1

It is easier to shirk the problem of violence onto police than to take responsibility for that violence and build communities that outmode violence and desperation.

Puget Sound SRA's Open Letter on ESSB 5078

Against the criminalization of law abiding citizens

Feeding Strikers Fuels Victory!

“When workers are supported by members of their community, they are much more successful and likely to have their demands met. ”

Ida 2021

At 8pm on Friday September 3rd teams of volunteers from the SRA began to arrive at the Harbor Church in Hammond Louisiana

An Open Letter to NC Governor Roy Cooper

We write to you today as citizens of the state of North Carolina, many of whom voted for you, who care deeply about social justice issues, and who own firearms.

Best of ComRADEs: SNE Range Update

The Southern New England Chapter of the SRA has started a project they’ve dubbed the Comrade Center

Never Again

Israel is restricting the every movement of people, products, medicines, energy, food and water entering or exiting what is generally regarded as the world's largest open air prison.

Biden's Gun Control

President Biden’s recent speech on gun control was a flaccid attempt to appear firm on gun violence. Biden stated that he was taking 4 concrete steps without Congress to meet this goal.

Member Information Vulnerability Update

Security Update and Notice of Risk